Install an AP430 Scale Inhibitor with any Tankless Water Heater

Installing an AP430 scale inhibitor with any tankless water heater will help to avoid service calls in the future. Tankless water heaters will often scale up, resulting in the need to flush the system with vinegar, which is an arduous task that plumbers would prefer to avoid. With the installation of the 430, we sequester calcium and magnesium and prevent the buildup of scale. When installing the 430, remember you need an upstream and downstream shut off, along with purge, to relieve pressure. When changing, you simply shut the ball valves, purge the air, twist off the old cartridge and replace. Because this cartridge uses a Venturi there is no pressure drop. Unlike a normal filter, you will not see a drop in flow telling you to change it. You will need to date the cartridge and change it every 6-8 months.

3M AquaPure AP430 Brochure (PDF)
3M AquaPure AP430 Installation Instructions (PDF)