RDT FloodMaster RS-090-E Washing Machine Leak Detection & Auto Shut-Off System

The RS-090-E is a complete, installation-ready solution for managing and reducing losses caused by washing machine failures.  The system consists of an outlet box with built-in leak detection receiver for simultaneous automatic hot and cold water shut-off.  It also includes pre-installed water hammer arrestors on both the hot and cold water lines and water leak detection sensor which sits on the floor next to or under the washer.  System installation is easy with provided mounting straps and trim plate.  The system works off standard 120V AC wall power – no hard wiring is required.  When the sensor detects a leak, the system will signal both the hot and cold feed lines to automatically close.  The red LED lights up and an audible alarm sounds.  The easy push-button reset restores the water flow after the leak has been addressed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard 120V wall plug power – no wiring necessary
  • Water sensor with 8′ lead wire
  • Integrated water hammer arrestors for hot and cold water lines
  • 1/2″ NPT brass fittings (supply line) and 3/4″ NPT brass fittings (feed line)
  • Outlet box with 4 mounting straps and trim plate
  • Meets UL 94 5VA flammability standard
  • System is reusable – when alarms sounds, fix the problem and press the reset button for continued protection
  • Insurance discounts may be available
RDT FloodMaster RS-090-E-Submittal Sheet (PDF)
RDT FloodMaster RS-090-E Install Manual (PDF)
RDT FloodMaster Product Catalog (PDF)
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